The Professional Course

“Inspiring someone is awakening a viewpoint that realizes that something that seemed impossible can actually be done”

– Harry Palmer

The Professional Course teaches presence and the intentional creation of identity. It protects a being against the abrasions of the world. It provides the mental and emotional keys to successfully employ your best talents in the world.

  • An increased ability to perceive and operate deliberately in physical space and time.
  • A freedom from resistances of life.
  • An increased personal sense of realness.
  • The ability to discover the how-to’s of success.
  • A greater experience of integrity – alignment of one’s actions and intentions.
  • A clarity and appreciation of attention – giving, intensifying and directing it.
  • An ease in connecting with the being that is ready to awaken in others, rather than their identities.
  • Being confortable being and sharing yourself with others.
  • Recovery of and enthusiasm and inspiration for your own personal vision, the Avatar network and in creating an enlightened planetary civilisation.
  • No longer being obstructed by embarrassment or trying to make and impression.
  • An experience of standing at the edge of the unfolding moment, shaping consciousness as it emerges.
  • An experince of awe, amazement and gratitude.
  • A lot of smiling.

* Prerequisite: Successful completion of The Avatar Master Course