The Master Course

“The Masters course is about mastery of life. That means being able to reach beyond your self-defining shell and interact with people and events without creating any further disharmony or confusion in the world.  You might even reach in a way that contributes to people’s harmony and restores a sense of order to society.”

(Harry Palmer from his talk to Prospective Masters)

The Course

The Avatar Master Course runs for nine consecutive days. These are extraordinary days in which time is forgotten. The structure of the course and the exercises bring up deep issues that at first may seem unendurable and overwhelming. Then a few sessions later, you are having a good laugh at yourself. By the end of the week, it seems like several lifetimes (both past and planned) have passed.
The Master course goes behind the scenes and discusses the results and phenomena encountered on Avatar® from an entirely new perspective.

After three back-to-back initiation sessions and several hours of persistent identity rundowns, students may have a hard time remembering their names, but they will have an absolute certainty on the workability of Avatar and the infinite and eternal expanse of source awareness.

Other expected results
  • The ability to discover and discreate transparent identity structures.
  • The ability to shift consciousness out of a creation.
  • The ability to recognise and deal with resisted creations.
  • The ability to deliver Avatar initiations with excellent results.
  • Prerequisite
  • Completion of The Avatar Course and an invitation by an Avatar Master.